Google Android OS is bad, and Apple iOS is awesome. Really? Read this first and then let’s talk.

UPDATED: Jan 07, 2012. Accord­ing to The Daily Beast (via Engad­get) Apple’s co-founder Steve Woz­niak prefers “many aspects of Android’s fussier-but-deeper UI to iOS’ one size fits all, sim­pli­fied approach.” Cit­ing improve­ments in voice com­mand soft­ware, nav­i­ga­tion and con­sis­tent per­for­mance, “Woz” seems to believe Apple has a lot to learn from Google’s mobile plat­form. See?

Android OS vs Apple iOS fight

For the past sev­eral days I’ve seen dif­fer­ent arti­cles crit­i­ciz­ing the Android plat­form because it is “too open,” “too messy,” and that it is “uncon­trolled.”
I com­pletely dis­agree. Let’s stop for a sec­ond and con­sider the other option: Apple’s iOS.

A few days ago, I was test­ing the Eye-Fi Pro X2 Wire­less Card on sev­eral dif­fer­ent Canon EOS sys­tems (I will link the arti­cle here when it is avail­able) to shoot remotely to an Android Tablet and an iPad.

To install the Eye-Fi App on the Android, I opened the Android Mar­ket, searched for “Eye-Fi,” down­loaded the app, con­firmed the down­load and clicked open. The entire process took less than 45 seconds.

Then I wanted to do the same for the iPad; I went to the App store, searched for “Eye-Fi,” and sud­denly I get a mes­sage say­ing that I needed the lat­est iPad Firmware to down­load the App.

The night­mare begins: I con­nected the iPad to my lap­top and imme­di­ately got a sec­ond mes­sage say­ing that I needed to down­load the lat­est ver­sion of iTunes to down­load the lat­est ver­sion of the iPad firmware (to down­load the Eye-Fi app.)

Since the iPad belongs to Canon and they synced it on another com­puter, I got a third mes­sage say­ing that all the pur­chased and down­loaded con­tent would be lost for­ever unless I trans­ferred it to my lap­top! To begin with, I don’t even want the lat­est ver­sion of iTunes!

iPad Firmware Update

I had to then down­load a huge iTunes update, some­thing I have been pur­posely avoid­ing for months, trans­fer the con­tent that I don’t want or need from the iPad to the lap­top, update the iPad’s Firmware, which by itself took well over one HOUR, and only then install the Eye-Fi application.

So, my dear Android iOS crit­ics, I’d love to hear how the “Apple way” of doing things can be seen as eas­ier or better.

Android OS vs Apple iOS graphic