How to quickly enhance your photography portfolio.

On my pre­vi­ous post (I’d rec­om­mend read­ing it first if you haven’t) I walked you through my per­sonal process to edit a large group of images into a more man­age­able portfolio.

Now is the time to enhance and fine-tune those “final” pho­tos. I’m really lucky; I learned pho­tog­ra­phy shoot­ing 35mm slides, and I started my pro­fes­sional career shoot­ing archi­tec­ture on 4x5 slides. So, I was trained to prop­erly com­pose and expose on cam­era. I also pre­fer to spend more time behind the cam­era and less time in front of the com­puter, so I do very lit­tle, if any, retouch­ing on my images.

That being said, there’s always a tweak here and there that one wants to do.
Eduardo Angel Photography Editing Images 15These are some impor­tant steps I follow:

• Cal­i­brate your mon­i­tor. With­out that any fur­ther step you make is sim­ply irrel­e­vant. If you are inter­ested, here’s an older inter­view about this same topic.

• When pos­si­ble, and depend­ing on the sit­u­a­tion, I shoot my Col­orChecker Pass­port on loca­tion. That allows me to quickly set my cus­tom white balance.

• I always work with a Cus­tom White Bal­ance.

• If I am shoot­ing in a con­trolled light­ing sit­u­a­tion, I cre­ate a Cus­tom Cam­era Pro­file with the Passport’s included software

• Always use the cor­rect ICC pro­file when print­ing and the most appro­pri­ate Color Space when upload­ing to the Web.

Eduardo Angel Photography Editing Images 14 And these are some of my per­sonal tips to improve your portfolio:

• “Delete” is a good word.
• Learn how to dif­fer­en­ti­ate between “per­sonal favorites” vs. “com­mer­cially viable” images.
• Add key­words and cap­tions as soon as pos­si­ble. Oth­er­wise, you won’t do it. That “next week­end” with tons of free time will never arrive. Trust me.
• Work­ing with a photo edi­tor is a great invest­ment! It is almost as impor­tant as hav­ing a great accountant.

If you are look­ing for more “hands-on” tech­niques check our FREELight­room Tips & Tricks” series, and see if there’s an upcom­ing Work­shop that fits your needs. Look­ing for answers for your spe­cific work­flow? Book a vir­tual or on-site con­sult­ing ses­sion today.