There are two kinds of movie directors.

Accord­ing to Woody Allen there are two kinds of direc­tors: “the ones who have it, and the ones who don’t.”

It is well-known that there are two more kinds of movie direc­tors: the ones who write their own mate­r­ial like Taran­tino, and the ones who adapt, like Alfred Hitch­cock, or Steven Spiel­berg.

From a more tech­ni­cal per­spec­tive, there are two other kinds of direc­tors; the ones who arrive to the set know­ing exactly what they are going to shoot and how (the Coen Broth­ers), and oth­ers who arrive with just an idea and fol­low their gut (Woody Allen). When it comes to direct­ing styles, there are also two approaches; some  direc­tors watch the actors rehearse and then decide with their DP where the cam­era should be, and how many shots will be needed. Some do the oppo­site. They walk around the set, decide where the cam­era goes, where the action will take place, and then ask the actors to accommodate.

We could prob­a­bly add two other kinds of direc­tors: the ones who make films because they have some­thing to say, and the ones who make movies to find what they have to say.