Cooking and Filmmaking.

Very early this morn­ing, on my way to the SIXTH video shoot in seven days, I real­ized how sim­i­lar are two of my favorite things in life: cook­ing and film­mak­ing. Let me explain.

1. You need time to find the right recipe (look and feel) and gather the best ingre­di­ents (crew, gear).

2. It is ideal to have enough time to mar­i­nate and work with­out rush (scout the loca­tions and plan the shots).

3. You then need plenty of time to cook (shoot), which often requires fol­low­ing many steps in spe­cific order and hav­ing the right tem­per­a­ture and amounts (light, cam­era settings).

4. The pre­pared meal (video clip) is often enjoyed (watched) by oth­ers within min­utes (or seconds).

5. Unless your guests (view­ers) cook or are into film­mak­ing, few real­ize how much time and work is behind is meal (video).

Just a ran­dom 5AM thought.