The Digital Technology Resource — September Issue.

It’s been a very busy and very excit­ing cou­ple of months. As many of you have noticed we’ve writ­ten fewer arti­cles on our blog, and cut down on all our social media con­ver­sa­tions. The rea­son? We’ve had our hands full with new clients and sev­eral won­der­ful projects.

On this month’s newslet­ter we dis­cuss some of the most recent projects and some upcom­ing ones. Here’s the online ver­sion.
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For the next 3 weeks, I’ll be teach­ing, shoot­ing and con­sult­ing in Thai­land, Viet­nam and Hong Kong. And besides the gear needed for the work­shops, I’m tak­ing a left turn out of my com­fort zone and will be using only a Fuji X100S to doc­u­ment my jour­ney. My goal is to blend in more as a trav­eler and not stand out as a tourist, and by doing so cre­ate deeper and more mean­ing­ful human con­nec­tions. I’ll be post­ing updates soon!