A shelter for the wealthy, a mansion for artists.

The Andrew Freed­man Man­sion, a won­der­ful build­ing in the Bronx, was designed specif­i­cally as a retire­ment home for wealthy peo­ple who had lost their for­tunes. “For many years this land­mark has existed in a kind of open-but-closed limbo. Its ground floor is almost always full of chil­dren, in day care and in a Head Start pro­gram. Two ele­gant ball­rooms and a book-filled library above have been main­tained for wed­dings and other events, and for sev­eral years the Bronx Museum of the Arts, has offered out­door film screen­ings and other cul­tural programs.”

The clip above is part of a series of 1-minute video vignettes we shot in the Bronx spon­sored by a grant from the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Enter­tain­ment (MOME) and pro­duced by stu­dents and fac­ulty at Lehman Col­lege.
BTS Best of the Bronx_005