The original Hall of Fame is in the Bronx.

The Hall of Fame for Great Amer­i­cans at Bronx Com­mu­nity Col­lege, the orig­i­nal “Hall of Fame” in this coun­try, was designed as part of the con­struc­tion of an under­grad­u­ate col­lege of that university.

Built in a “sweep­ing semi­cir­cu­lar Neo-Classical arc with wings at either end, it pro­vides a panorama across the Harlem River to the Clois­ters in Fort Tryon Park and beyond to the Pal­isades. It is a unique and patri­otic reminder that this country’s phe­nom­e­nal growth has been due to the vital­ity, inge­nu­ity, and intel­lect of these individuals.”

This clip is part of a series of 1-minute video vignettes called “Best of the Bronx” which is being pre­sented across a vari­ety of plat­forms, expos­ing New York­ers and vis­i­tors to the many cul­tural and his­tor­i­cal resources of the Bronx. The chan­nels include NYC life, part of the offi­cial net­work of New York City (Chan­nel 22 on Cable­vi­sion and Chan­nel 25 on many other cable providers), on Taxi-TV, NYC Media Video-On-Demand, BronxNet, and Lehman College’s online chan­nels, and all cur­rent social media plat­forms. I was invited to par­tic­i­pate on this project as Instruc­tor and Direc­tor of Pho­tog­ra­phy.

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