Do you LOVE cables? Here’s a simple and free DIY solution.

One of the few things I don’t love about Fuji’s X100S is the 4 foot cable to charge its tiny battery. It is long, bulky and honestly, in 2014, unnecessary. I’ve shared before some of my packing tips, especially when carrying a ton of video gear. I like to travel LIGHT, which is why I got the X100S.

If you are an Apple user you have some extra AC plugs on every drawer. So, here’s my DIY, free solution, not only for Fuji’s charger but really any device that takes a bulky AC cable.



Done and done. As I also mentioned on the Fuji X100S review, I strongly recommend getting a couple of extra batteries. Here’s the best deal I have found so far.

I just got (literally an hour ago) this “Ultra-Compact Portable Charger Lipstick-Sized External Battery Power Bank” so hopefully my phone will last a full day.

Happy charging!


5 Video Lighting Tips. PDN May Issue.

I’m SUPER happy to see five of my (many) Lighting Tips for Video included on PDN’s “Lighting Issue” (May 2014). You need to be a PDN subscriber to access the article online so the best I can do is share a low-res JPG version of the article. Hope this works!
Feel free to reach me on Twitter (@EA_Photo) if you have any questions or comments.

To learn more lighting techniques check this out, and watch our Lighting Techniques for Video Productions on


UPDATE: May readers and subscribers have been asking about the equipment we used on our Lighting course on Here are the answers:

We used a variety of lights, but the main ones were Bowens Limelite Mosaic 30x30cm Daylight LED Panel.
As our A Camera we used a Canon EOS C100 Cinema EOS shooting to an Atomos Ninja-2 recorder. As our B and C Cameras we used a couple of Canon EOS 5D Mark III. We used a variety of lenses, but the main one was the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM.


Tips and Tricks 008: Is there an ideal shutter speed to use in video?

Is there an ideal shutter speed to use when shooting video? We have previously discussed this topic, but we keep getting the same question so let’s go over this again.

The quick answer is yes, there is, and you really need to pay attention to that. (more…)