5 free mobile Vimeo Apps to edit HD Video.

I recently got a Tablet to more efficiently maintain this blog by using the very good WordPress app, among other apps for photography and digital cinema.

Today my life got a free upgrade with Vimeo’s new apps for iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone. I have been waiting for almost a year since the iPhone app was released, but it was worth the wait. Now I’ll be able to upload, manage and watch my videos right from my phone (highly unlikely since the battery sucks), and Tablet.

HD Editing on Android

The Android app requires Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later. Some of the features include:

Upload raw or edited footage in HD or SD
• Pause/Resume videos and uploads
• Replace existing videos
• Edit tags, titles, credits, descriptions and privacy info
• Share on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, email or SMS
• Add your clips to Groups, Channels and Albums
• Download your Vimeo videos to your Camera roll
• Watch videos from the Vimeo Inbox and Watch Later queue
• Stats on daily plays, likes and comments

Slow Motion apps for cinematographers

According to Vimeo, 15% of its traffic now comes from mobile devices. 18% of this blog’s visits are from mobile devices and 30% of those devices are iPhones.

A recent survey conducted by NPD Group showed that the percentage of photos taken with smart phones went from 17% in 2010 to 27% in 2011, a 44% increase. During the same period, sales of point-and-shoot cameras dropped 17% in volume and 18% in revenue, and individual sales of pocket camcorders dropped 13%, with a 10% decrease in revenue. Oddly enough, sales of DSLR cameras increased by 12%, and sales of point-and-shoot cameras with optical zooms of 10x or greater also increased by 16%.

Mobile phones for photography