Catching up with the coolest tech news. Summary.


I’ve been on the road for the past 2 weeks, with very limited internet access. Today, I finally had some time to catch up with the latest technology news (1683 articles and 268 emails). These are, in my opinion, the most interesting and relevant announcements:

• Filmmaker Jeff Desom took Alfred Hitchcock’s famous 1954 film “Rear Window” and turned it into a single panoramic time-lapse video.

Two years ago I set up my camera to take a picture every 15 seconds for 36 hour and edited 698 still images into a 29-second video.

• Recently I was interviewed by PDN about the “13 Products you need to add HD Video to your business.” Do you agree or disagree? Did we miss something? We would love to hear your comments below. The article is also available on PDN’s May print issue.

What to buy to shoot video?

• Blurb posted a cool article about how we use the Book Module on Adobe Lightroom 4. If you are interested in exploring this option don’t miss one of our upcoming seminars. Here’s the sample book (about wine!) we created.

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• Canon announced the EOS 60Da, specifically designed for astrophotography. The camera has the same image sensor as the standard 60D, but it has been reworked for enhanced transmission of a specific wavelength of red light – 656 nanometers – within the visible spectrum.

• Tenba announced the Roadie II Hybrid, a carry-on compliant rolling camera case than can be converted into a backpack.

Tenba rolling backpack

• Sony announced the NEX FS700, a new 4k-capable E-mount camcorder, with 1080p video and 60p, 50p, 60i and 24p. Apparently a firmware upgrade will enable 4k capture and Raw output, as well as slow-motion footage (up to 960 fps at reduced resolution and 240fps in Full HD). As always, our friends from Abel Cine posted a great article about the new system here.


Sony NEX-FX700 top view

• Phase One introduced two new specialty camera systems; one for aerial photography and another for fine art reproductions.

medium format digital backs

• A few months ago we tested Adobe Premiere Pro and Twixtor to find out which one was better for slow motion. We chose skateboarders as the subject matter, which proved to be very challenging. On these new tutorials (Part 1 and Part 2) a pro skateboarding photographer discusses various composition tips and techniques.

• David Pogue, the New York Times technology columnist wrote about the changes he has witnessed during the last year on professional TV and film cameras while shooting a new PBS show. He covers the flexibility of interchangeable lenses and amazing low-light capability of the new (Canon, Sony, and Panasonic) digital systems.

• Canon announced a free Digital Photo Professional (DPP) update to enhance EOS 5D Mark III CR2 file corrections. The software update will be available next month.

• Adobe is hosting a free Webinar this Friday April 6th at noon Pacific Time titled “Developing Digital Publishing Suite Content for the New iPad.” This is a VERY relevant topic for anyone creating and delivering online content, which means, everybody.