Cloud Storage Solutions and Adobe Lightroom.

In the past couple of weeks, we have done several One-on-One Consulting sessions where the “Cloud Storage” question came up. This is a very quick overview of the most popular online storage options with pricing and direct links to each.

My own situation:
• My Lightroom Catalog has 70,000 RAW Images. I shoot a lot, but I am merciless editing.
• The entire catalog (NOT the RAW files) takes about 26GB of space.
• The RAW files take about 860GB of space.

This means I need about 900GB of storage space if I wanted to move my Lightroom Catalog, including all RAW files, to the Cloud.

Dropbox customers are provided with 2 GB for free. 

100 GB
Monthly $9.99
Yearly $99.00

200 GB
Monthly $19.99
Yearly $199.00

500 GB
Monthly $49.99
Yearly $499.00

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have a Dropbox account, use this link to get started. You get 2GB for free, and we both get an additional 500MB as a bonus. Hurry up!

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Google Drive customers are provided with 5 GB for free.

Storage Monthly Rate
25 GB $2.49
100 GB $4.99
200 GB $9.99
400 GB $19.99
1 TB $49.99
2 TB $99.99
4 TB $199.99
8 TB $399.99
16 TB $799.99

iCloud customers are provided with 5 GB for free.

10 additional GB (15 GB total): $20/year
20 additional GB (25 GB total): $40/year
50 additional GB (55 GB total): $100/year

SkyDrive customers are provided with 7 GB for free.

Plan Price Space
20 GB $10.00/year 27 GB
50 GB $25.00/year 57 GB
100 GB $50.00/year 107 GB

Based on the current pricing options below, only Google offers the storage space I need: 1TB for $50/month, or $600 per year. This is a lot more expensive than a G-Tech G-DRIVE 1TB External Hard Drive which is available for $165 on Amazon. An even safer option, the G-Tech G-RAID 2TB Dual External Hard Drive, goes for $265, but still cheaper than popular online backup solutions like Carbonite (600/year for only 500GB).

Crashplan is another popular alternative (that we have NOT tried or endorse). They offer a backup service for “personal files from one computer with unlimited online storage” for $3/month.

If you have any questions regarding your workflow, or need help to set up an Online Lightroom Workflow, please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment.