Gold, silver and the end of film.

Our previous “Inkonomics” article triggered a LOT of interesting emails from readers.

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A really intriguing comment was “the economic recession triggered the end of film.”

The conclusion of a lengthy and fascinating discussion: When looking for safer investments than stocks and bonds, many people purchased gold, driving the ounce from $800 in 2008 to $1,700 in 2012.

What has this to do with film?

Click here to keep reading Well, the price of silver, a key raw material for film processing and stable for almost two decades, has risen from its habitual $12 to $17 an ounce to around $35 an ounce (peaked at $48). At one point, Kodak’s CEO estimated that for every one-dollar rise in the price of silver, the company’s bottom line was hit to the tune of $10 to 15 million. Check the charts below:

Therefore, the reader’s conclusion that the economic recession triggered the end of film does in fact have some validity.

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