How do you envision your Day One?

All of us have (or will) experienced a time when we have to plan for retirement, but have you really stopped to think about what you will do on that very first day? That’s exactly what Prudential’s brilliant and beautiful “Day One” campaign is about.

image of man in retirement

Mapping out the next stage of your life after a long working career should be a fascinating journey, not the struggle and fearful “task” we currently experience.  The campaign was targeted at the more than 10,000 American baby boomers who retire each day, capturing what it feels like to wake up on a person’s first day of retirement. The project is hosted on a microsite, where more than 250 retirees have participated by submitting their images and videos.

The “Day One” campaign was awarded a Gold Integrated Lion at the 2012 Cannes Lions, a very prestigious achievement that only two campaigns in the entire world received.  We are very impressed from the quality and effort of this campaign, as they are producing amazing short videos that are truly relevant to everyone.

Click to keep reading The entire campaign is based on one single, yet powerful question. A question that affects all of us. That simplicity is something we constantly write about, talk about and is the fundamental concept of our stills vs. moving images upcoming workshops.

If you have a couple of minutes, watch this great example of the Day One campaign, shot by Mujahid Abdul Rashid.

Prudential is not only sharing stories, they also provide resources like income calculators for Android OS and Apple iOS platforms. I’m glad to see that someone over there is really thinking outside the box!

retirement app calculator from Prudential

As long as we keep loving what we do, dream big, anticipate the unexpected, and invest wisely, there is no reason to be afraid for the future. I read this quote yesterday, and I believe it says it all. 

“Always work on something uncomfortably exciting.” Larry page, Google cofounder. 

How do YOU plan to spend your first day after retirement?  Let’s start a conversation in the comment box below.