The Crème de la Crème: The best articles of 2012.

Wow! What a year! We completed 200 Consulting projects, over 30 Photography and Video Workshops, 50 videos, 50 tutorials and close to 200 blogs posts….all in one year.

How was this even possible? One, this is a team effort, where everybody does what they love and excel at. Second, great time and project management, which is paramount in an industry that keeps changing (and sometime evolving) every single day.

We want to sincerely thank our subscribers (if you are not one, it is not too late. Join here) and followers for all of their continued support and feedback.

Today we would like to highlight our 10 most popular articles of the year. Later this week we will publish the 10 articles that for whatever reason didn’t get much attention but we feel are very relevant and worth your time.

Here we go!

1) Upgrading to Adobe Lightroom 4 in 7 simple steps.

No matter what previous version of Adobe Lightroom you use, it is very easy to install and upgrade to the latest Lightroom 4 platform.  Find out  how easy this is below.

Upgrade to Adobe Lightroom 4.

Adobe Lightroom 4 Catalog.

2) Canon EOS M Hands-on Review and Canon EOS M Images.

After several tests, we discussed the best and not so great features of Canon’s EOS M. Also, we shot some sample images with this mirrorless gem.

Canon EOS M Review  &  Canon EOS M Images

Canon EOS M Interior

 3)  Canon EOS Mark III, 5D3, 5D Mk III has arrived!

An in-depth technical analysis on the latest, newest, meanest Canon EOS system.  Our overview included the most important and newest features.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III


Canon EOS 5D MK3

4) DIGIC processors explained.

We receive so many questions about Canon’s DIGIC processors, so we wrote this easy to read article explaining how they work and why you should care (especially if you are considering a new camera).

DIGIC Explained.

DIGIC Explained

5) Adobe Lightroom 4 HDSLR video support explained

Adobe Lightroom 4 supports HDSLR, compact camera files, and smart phone video formats including AVCHD. On this review we covered Geotagging, Book Layout, Soft Proofing, Video to Facebook, and more.

Adobe Lightroom 4 Video Features.

Adobe Lightroom 4 Now supports HDSLR Video

6) How to remove your Google Search History (before it’s posted on YouTube).

Step-by-step Tutorial on how to delete your Google’s web search history before everybody could see it on YouTube.

Remove Google Search History

How to delete your Google Web History

7) How to switch from iPhoto to Adobe Lightroom.

A very popular and always relevant article: how to transfer your iPhoto library to an external hard drive and properly import it to Adobe Lightroom .

iPhoto to Adobe Lightroom.

How to switch to Adobe Lightroom from iPhoto easily!

8)  Why Lenovo sucks & 7 Reasons not to buy the Kindle Fire.

Here we shared our terrible experience with Lenovo’s atrocious customer service, and added a side by side comparison and analysis between Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble Nook Color, Lenovo Ideapad A1 and Apple iPad 2.

IdeaPad vs. Kindle Fire vs. iPad


9)  How to upgrade a Video Card for free.

A quick and easy step-by-step tutorial to choose Graphic Cards on a Apple MacBook Pro laptop, dramatically improving performance on demand, and for free!

Upgrading Video Cards.

10) H.265: A New Standard for Digital Cinema?

High Definition Video Coding, or H.265 video coding, is projected to replace the standard H.264 video standard as early as January 2013. On this article we explained why this could be a big deal.


Video Standard Crops