Our 10 hidden gems of 2012.

Earlier this week we shared with you our “Crème de la Crème” of 2012, the 10 most visited articles on this site. Today, we would like to share 10 more articles that we feel should have made our top ten list. As a team of educators, technology consultants, and visual storytellers, we are very proud of these posts as we feel that they are extremely relevant and worth your time. We encourage you to read them, share them with those who might be interested, and respond by starting a conversation below.

Without further ado here they are:

1) How to fix a broken education system. My thoughts.

We believe young students should be learning flexibility, teamwork, accounting, time management, project management, and languages (especially Spanish and Chinese), to be prepared for the future job markets.

Fixing a broken education system.

How to fix a broken education system

2) Notes from the Field.

Check out my personal notes and pre-production techniques for photographers and filmmakers.

My notes.

My Notes from a pre-production plan

 3) Same, but different:  An Intro to Digital Cinema.

We explained the 5 main similarities, and 5 main differences between shooting stills and shooting motion.

Digital Cinema Intro.

An intro to digital frame rates and shutter speeds

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4) Catching up with the coolest tech news.  Summary for busy people.

A personal collection of some of the most interesting and relevant digital technology news and announcements in 2012.

Tech Trends Summary

Summary of the Coolest Technology Innovations 2012

5) Great interview with X-Rite Coloratti on Color Management.

We had a chance to talk with X-Rite about Color Management for digital photographers, especially for those shooting video. The complete audio interview is on this post.

X-Rite Coloratti Interview

 Interview on Color Management with X-Rite Coloratti

6) On Sharing.

Many photographers are introverted, keeping their workflow techniques secretive, but in reality, we think that sharing ideas can only benefit oneself and others.

Keep on sharing.

Sharing is the key to success.

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7) NAB 2012 wrap-up.

Here is a compilation of the most interesting and relevant news after the NAB show in Las Vegas. Some of the products highlighted here are just hitting the market now.

NAB wrap-up

Best from NAB 2012

8) Are tablets making us better?  Yes and no.

A few months ago, we created  a “wish list” of all the wonderful things we wanted to achieve with a new tablet. The article covers the expectations and what happened in reality.

Tablets for better or worse

Are we benefiting from tablets in our lives?  Yes and no.

9) 2012:  A communique of technology trends.

Tablets, social media, television, robots, voice-control gadgets and more!  Here is our list of the most important and newest technology trends for 2012.

2012 Tech Trends

Top-10 latest trends in technology from 2012.

10) Our Dream Office.

We believe that your work environment reflects the quality of your work. Check out our upcoming “dream office” renderings.

Project Dream Office.

Our Dream Office Renderings.