G-Tech’s Evolution Series.

The media storage announcements last week at NAB were pretty boring, with one single exception: G-Tech’s Evolution Series. There are three flavors: G-DOCK ev, G-DRIVE ev and G-DRIVE ev PLUS.
G-Tech’s Evolution Series All
The G-DOCK is a Thunderbolt, two-bay, swappable drive system. Consider it as the “housing” and main component of the Evolution family, and it can be configured as RAID 1 (protected) or RAID 0 (performance). Click here to learn more about RAID Systems.

The G-DRIVE ev, are the hard drives (available in 500GB and 1TB both 7,200RPM) that go into the G-DOCK, offering transfer speeds up to 136MB/s, via USB 3.0 and SATA. Two G-DRIVE ev ship with the G-DOCK ev. As you might already know, my personal backup mantra is “two is one and one is none.”

The G-DRIVE ev PLUS (1TB 7,200RPM only) works the same way as the “non PLUS version” but provides transfer speeds up to 250MB/s, also via USB 3.0 and a SATA connector. My understanding is that both hard drives come pre-formatted for Mac.

That’s all good, but why are they more attractive than other current storage systems? Well, so it happens that the G-DRIVE ev and G-DRIVE ev PLUS also work as standalone external hard drives. For example, instead of downloading media to a 500GB G-Drive Mini on location and then having to copy/backup all your media to the main Hard Drive when you get home, now you can use a G-DRIVE ev on the field, pop it in when you get home and the system will do all the mirroring for you.

Here’s a short (and somewhat confusing) video explaining the Evolution Series‘ features.

G-Technology Evolution Series (EU) from G-Technology EU on Vimeo.

The Evolution Series seems like a great for data backups, duplications, media transfer and even media delivery.

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