The original Hall of Fame is in the Bronx.

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans at Bronx Community College, the original “Hall of Fame” in this country, was designed as part of the construction of an undergraduate college of that university.

Built in a “sweeping semicircular Neo-Classical arc with wings at either end, it provides a panorama across the Harlem River to the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park and beyond to the Palisades. It is a unique and patriotic reminder that this country’s phenomenal growth has been due to the vitality, ingenuity, and intellect of these individuals.”

This clip is part of a series of 1-minute video vignettes called “Best of the Bronx” which is being presented across a variety of platforms, exposing New Yorkers and visitors to the many cultural and historical resources of the Bronx. The channels include NYC life, part of the official network of New York City (Channel 22 on Cablevision and Channel 25 on many other cable providers), on Taxi-TV, NYC Media Video-On-Demand, BronxNet, and Lehman College’s online channels, and all current social media platforms. I was invited to participate on this project as Instructor and Director of Photography.

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