The new Vimeo on steroids.

It’s been almost a couple of weeks since Vimeo announced a newer, faster, meaner player. This week I spent some time playing with the new features and REALLY like what I saw:

What’s new?

• Lightning Fast Playback
Videos start much faster.

• In-Player Purchasing
I’m liking this a lot!  Now anyone can rent or buy a video directly from the embedded trailer.

• Redesigned Share Screen
Much easier and faster to share to Facebook, Twitter, or email.

• Integrated Login
Finally! Click the “Like” or “Watch Later” buttons and a login form will show up.

• Fully Accessible
Better support for screen readers.

• HTML5 by Default
Also a highly requested feature. This should have been implemented many moons ago. But now we have it.

• Preference Sync
Any preferences that you change in the player (HD, volume, scaling) will be replicated in all players that you have currently open in your browser.

• More Responsive Than Ever
Good and needed feature.

• Closed captions & subtitles support
We have been working on a few video projects that require Spanish subtitles and I’m very glad tho see this built in.

Wanna play? Click on the video below and see the new player in action!

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