Metabones Speed Booster Firmware update.

Metabones released a new firmware update (v1.6) for the Smart Adapters and Speed Boosters Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds.

The update fixes or improves the following:

1– Iris click noise issue while zooming a variable aperture zoom lens. Fixed OM-D E-M1 depth-of-field preview button inoperative issue.
2– The connection reliability if lens is attached to adapter after camera is powered on.
3– An intermittent pincushion distortion issue on Panasonic bodies.
4– IBIS on OM-D series of Olympus cameras.
5– Lens hot swapping with passive MFT mount of BMCC.

We have constantly experienced issue #3 and sporadically #2 so this is a welcome update.

For some odd reason Metabones makes it extremely hard to find the link with the firmware update, so here’s the direct link for your convenience and some screen grabs of the process on a Mac.

Step 01 - Metabones App v1.6Step 02 - Metabones App v1.6-5Step 03 - Metabones App v1.6Step 04 - Metabones App v1.6-2

The update takes a couple of minutes.