Film Anatomy. Post 0001.

And we are on!

Matt Stanton and I have been bouncing around several concepts for a short film for a long time. Sadly, with our hectic travel and shooting schedules these personal projects usually find their way to the back burner.

Today we met in East Williamsburg, at a cool studio where he’s been working on another awesome project (more on that later). The list of topics we needed to iron out was extremely long, but right away things fell in place. After just a few hours of very productive conversations, yummy tacos for lunch, and several phone calls, we settled on a strong concept, a potential location and solid timeframe for the project.


The whole project in a nutshell. Very clear, right?

We both will have a pretty busy beginning of the year, so one of the conditions is that we must be extremely efficient. To spice things up, we’ll be documenting the complete pre-production and post-production steps and compile them as two new courses.

Inspired by Robert Rodriguez and his book “Rebel Without a Crew” and by Steven Soderbergh latest TV show on Cinemax “The Knick” we would like to write as often as possible and share our journey with you.

Anatomy is the study of the structure of living organisms, especially as revealed by dissection and the separation of parts. Since we are essentially dissecting the steps of making a short film, we’ll call this series “Film Anatomy.”

The very next step will be working on the script, finding the talent, recruiting a very small group of friends to give us a hand and determine how are we going to shoot it.


Matt, with his genius face on.


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