Film Anatomy. Location Scouting.

Last week was unseasonably warm and beautiful, and we went to scout one of our top locations. It was only 50 miles from my place in Brooklyn, but with New York’s traffic it took over 2 hours to get there. As a rule of thumb, when scheduling our shoots, we DOUBLE the estimated travel time by Google Maps. The worst scenario is arriving early, which often leads to a shorter than expected day or having a bit more time to set up, neither too bad if you ask me.

For our short film we essentially need three locations, all interiors. Why? Well, because we’ll be shooting in New York the middle of January so the chances that the weather will be as nice as last week are rather slim.

The house we scouted is almost perfect. It provides two of the three locations we are looking for, and we might be able to fake the third one through some movie magic. An added bonus is that the basement is full of old furniture and appliances that we could use as props. There’s a B&B nearby which would be perfect to house the crew, and there are a few good restaurants in the area. For us, good food is a top priority on any video production. A well fed crew will always work better, and I truly believe that a happy people make better products.

I’ve been getting some interesting emails/questions regarding this project and “how much do you plan in advance” is one of them, so the specific answer will be our very next post. Stay tuned!

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