Essential Pre-Production for One-Person Crews.

Not spending enough time and resources in pre-production usually translates into more mistakes, delays and over costs during production and post.

In this hour-long seminar we cover how to work on a shoestring budget without compromising the integrity of the story and I shares insights on the most essential steps required even before arriving at each location. From pre-shooting and rough editing, to the mobile apps that stand out from the pack, and even backup strategies, there’s a lot of useful info packed on these seminars.
I truly believe anyone involved in run and gun scenarios like weddings, events, corporate, documentary, red carpet premieres, product launches, sporting events, and even video podcasts will benefit from the topics covered.

This presentation was recorded live at NAB 2016 Post|Production World, the leading training event for content creators and designers.
Duration: 68 minutes

A companion PDF is included

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