Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers (PDF Edition)

To remain relevant in today’s visually driven world, image makers must master photography and video.

While there are many similarities between photography and video, there are key aspects of shooting motion—such as sound and camera movement, to name just two—that are uncharted territory for most photographers. In Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers: The Fundamental Principles of Transitioning from Stills to Motion, Emmy Award–winning photographer and filmmaker Eduardo Angel helps you begin your journey into as confidently as you are with shooting stills.

Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers covers a wide range of tools, techniques, resources, and practical tips on how to transition to video.

Even though this is not an in-depth book on editing, directing, or even lighting, we cover the fundamental aspects of filmmaking from a straightforward nuts-and-bolts perspective. You will learn all about:

  • How to switch to a “filmmaker’s brain”
  • Truly understand the director’s and director of photography’s roles
  • How to work with scripts, shot lists, and storyboards
  • The basics of composition for motion: establishing a scene, creating perspective and moving the camera
  • The role of lighting to enhance stories and direct the viewer’s attention
  • The crucial role of sound in motion
  • How to use the right gear from cameras and lighting gear to mics, rigs, and key accessories
  • The art and craft of editing
  • Post-production workflows and how to organize your assets
  • Color theory and how you can use it to enhance the story you are telling
  • Lastly, how to do more with less—no matter the budget

Increasingly, opportunities come to those who can create multimedia content.

The book covers some of the new business opportunities that will open up to you. With your newfound skills in motion you will tackle educational content, interviews, short films, stock footage, and commercials.

Filmmaking Essentials is now ranked among Amazon’s top 50 books for photographers and filmmakers!

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