Visual Serendipity.

Serendip­ity: noun; the occur­rence and devel­op­ment of events by chance in a happy or ben­e­fi­cial way.

Misspelled ad

When I saw this “ad” it immediately reminded me of “Biutiful” the film by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, shot by Rodrigo Prieto, and starring Javier Bardem. The movie’s title refers to the orthographical spelling in Spanish of the English word beautiful as it would sound to native Spanish speakers.

Interesting facts: Iñárritu spent 14 months editing the film, and it is the first time that a performance (by Javier Bardem) entirely in the Spanish Language has been nominated for an Academy Award Best Actor Oscar.

Going back to my picture, I am still trying to decide if the person who wrote this did it as a joke or even as a reference to the movie, or if the missing U in “beautiful”, the flipped N on “antique”, and the patched R on “mirrors” are real mistakes. What’s your take?