Watching snow for 24 hours. Time-lapse.

Time-lapse photographs of a massive snow storm over a 24-hour period. Literally.

I set a Canon EOS 7D on “brainless” mode: Manual Focus, Auto ISO, Auto White Balance, and Program. All I had to do was to replace the batteries twice (you will see when I moved the camera slightly if you pay attention to the video), and change the capture intervals (there’s really not much happening at 3am.)

The tethered shooting was done through Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software. To quickly put the video together I used Adobe Lightroom.

I have done similar experiments in the past, and I am now ready for something awesome in Dubai.


DIGIC Processors Explained.

There are several different, and current, Canon DIGIC processors. The Canon EOS 5D Mark II has a DIGIC 4 processor. The Canon EOS 7D uses dual DIGIC 4 processors, while the brand new PowerShot G1 X has a DIGIC 5, and the flagship Canon EOS-1D X comes with dual DIGIC 5+ processors, along with a separate DIGIC 4 processor for the metering system. Confused? You shouldn’t be. Read this article from Canon’s Digital Learning Center to quickly understand how they work, their differences on performance, speed, low light situations, and more.

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Canon EOS-1D X processor