The Best Smartphone Apps for Cinematographers – Test 001.

We will be testing a number of filmmaking applications for smartphones (both for Android OS and iOS). Acacia, a free app for the Android platform is our first victim.

According to the developers this app “aims to be a Swiss army knife of tools for filmmakers, currently providing an interactive Depth of Field (DOF) calculator, equipment and media management, shot logging, and a virtual slate (or clapper).  The latest version added a rudimentary digital Director’s Viewfinder as an experimental feature, and that is what got my attention. Sometime I carry my camera, but I always have my phone with me. With Acacia’s Director’s Viewfinder I can now scout any location and determine which lenses do I need for a shoot. But, is it accurate? Watch the video to find out.

Since this is our very fist field test, we would love to hear your feedback and comments. What can we improve? What else would you like us to review?