NAB 2014 Wrap-up. Top 10 Products. Livestream’s Studio

Another “toy” we really liked at NAB was Livestream’s Studio HD510, a great looking, ultra-portable live production switcher. It’s so portable that one of our friends takes it as a carry-on!


The slightly more affordable ($8,000) Studio HD51 with five HD-SDI or HDMI inputs, and all the Studio Software features, seems like a great place to get started. Technically speaking, you could just get the $800 software, build a killer machine for under $2,000, and start recording. But the elegance and size of the HD Studio solutions are VERY tempting.

Here are some useful links:


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This is our 7th post on our favorite toys at NAB 2014. The other highlighted products are:

1. G-Speed Studio and G-Raid Studio
2. Grass Valley’s EDIUS 7
3. Syrp’s Genie
4. Kinemini 4K camera
5. AJA Cion camera
6. Blackmagic 4K Film Scanner
7. Livestream’s Studio solutions
8. Edelkrone pocket series
9. Atomos Shogun and Ninja Star
10.NHK 8K Camera


Academy Awards for Sound.

After attending the talk “Sound: the Other Half of Your Video” last week at the Vimeo Fest in New York City, I have been thinking a lot about sound. And more specifically about how important is music, in movies and our lives. It is shocking how little we know about the processes, people and effort to create the sounds that drive our emotions. The guy who created the music for Inception’s trailer was there, and he confirmed that our ignorance regarding sound design is pretty much the same as with directors of photography, the people who actually make the movies look they way they do.

The Academy Award of Merit for Best Sound Editing is granted yearly to a film exhibiting the finest or most aesthetic sound editing or sound design. The award is usually received by the Supervising Sound Editors of the film, perhaps accompanied by the Sound Designers.

This is the list of films that have won or been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound Effects (1963–1967, 1975), Sound Effects Editing (1977, 1981–1999), or Sound Editing (1979, 2000–present). Happy Friday.