Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers at PhotoPlus Expo.

PhotoPlus Expo is around the corner, and it will be my 10th consecutive year speaking at this awesome show.

On Saturday, October 24th I’ll be presenting “Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers.”

Conference Seminars | PhotoPlus Expo

Perhaps the biggest challenge photographers and filmmakers face is to focus too much on new gadgets and forget that it is all about the story. This seminar includes essential technical information, but my main goal is to help improve the storytelling aspect of our craft, while demys­ti­fy­ing the most com­mon film­mak­ing terms. Atten­dees will leave the ses­sion pos­sess­ing a good under­stand­ing of the sim­i­lar­i­ties and dif­fer­ences between shoot­ing stills and motion. I hope to see you there. In the meantime, click on the images below to see some of my work.

EduardoAngel_PanasonicAnamorphic_BTS_024 EduardoAngelVisuals_BTS_005_MediumCamera

Our last two courses on are totally related to this event: Video for Photographers Part 1: Filmmaking Essentials and Video for Photographers Part 2: Filmmaking on Location.

Click on the images below so watch the intro to each course.

Video for Photographers 01_ Filmmaking Essentials | Video for Photographers 02_ Filmmaking on Location |


Visual Serendipity.


After finishing a client meeting on Lexington and 66th Street, I walked by the “Seventh Regiment Armory” and saw this. I diligently took my weekly picture, and rushed to my next meeting. A few days later we found out that what was happening inside is called “the event of a thread”, a multisensory affair, with “readings, sound, and live events within a field of swings that together invite visitors to connect to the action of each other and the work itself, illuminating the experience of the singular and collective body.”

Here’s the complete info. Please share below if you have been or are planning to go to this event! Sounds pretty cool.


Meet Canon’s C300, in person.

This week (January 25th) Abel Cine New York is showing Canon’s brand new EOS C300. Abel is also hosting a similar event next month (February 16th) in Los Angeles. More than just another cool camera, the C300 systems confirms Canon’s commitment to the filmmaking industry. The systems comes in two flavors, one with EF mount (EOS C300) which takes your good ol’ Canon still lenses, and another one (C300 PL) with a PL mount. To learn more about this system and what it means for photographers shooting video read my previous post.

Also this week, Canon is showing in Chicago a series of short films shot with the C300, as well as “Behind the Scenes” inter­views with the direc­tors and crew mem­bers.

canon eos c300 system


Can’t miss seminars at PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo 2011.


Last week, my great friends Ted Kawalerski, Matt Stanton, and Justin Katz helped me shoot this 45-second video to promote my upcoming seminars at PhotoPlus Expo in New York City.

On Friday, October 28, from 8:45 to 11:45 a.m., I’ll be co-teaching “Portrait Lighting Techniques & Lightroom Workflow” with Bobbi Lane. Expect a very energetic and intense seminar.

The same day, from 3:45 to 5:45 p.m., I’ll be presenting “Intro to Digital Cinema.” This 2-hour class is specifically designed for photographers transitioning into HDSLR video, and my goal is to provide enough tips and resources so that attendees will be able to start shooting video by 6 p.m. that same day. I guess I love challenges. As the title says, this is an introductory class.

To truly understand all the technical concepts, filmmaking techniques, and upcoming trends of this amazing digital revolution, I suggest you attend one of my upcoming 2-day PDN HDSLR Video Workshops in New York (Oct. 30-31), Washington D.C. (Nov. 5-6), and Los Angeles (Nov. 11-12).

Let me know if you have any questions!