Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers at PhotoPlus Expo.

PhotoPlus Expo is around the corner, and it will be my 10th consecutive year speaking at this awesome show.

On Saturday, October 24th I’ll be presenting “Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers.”

Conference Seminars | PhotoPlus Expo

Perhaps the biggest challenge photographers and filmmakers face is to focus too much on new gadgets and forget that it is all about the story. This seminar includes essential technical information, but my main goal is to help improve the storytelling aspect of our craft, while demys­ti­fy­ing the most com­mon film­mak­ing terms. Atten­dees will leave the ses­sion pos­sess­ing a good under­stand­ing of the sim­i­lar­i­ties and dif­fer­ences between shoot­ing stills and motion. I hope to see you there. In the meantime, click on the images below to see some of my work.

EduardoAngel_PanasonicAnamorphic_BTS_024 EduardoAngelVisuals_BTS_005_MediumCamera

Our last two courses on are totally related to this event: Video for Photographers Part 1: Filmmaking Essentials and Video for Photographers Part 2: Filmmaking on Location.

Click on the images below so watch the intro to each course.

Video for Photographers 01_ Filmmaking Essentials | Video for Photographers 02_ Filmmaking on Location |


The original Hall of Fame is in the Bronx.

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans at Bronx Community College, the original “Hall of Fame” in this country, was designed as part of the construction of an undergraduate college of that university.

Built in a “sweeping semicircular Neo-Classical arc with wings at either end, it provides a panorama across the Harlem River to the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park and beyond to the Palisades. It is a unique and patriotic reminder that this country’s phenomenal growth has been due to the vitality, ingenuity, and intellect of these individuals.”



A shelter for the wealthy, a mansion for artists.

The Andrew Freed­man Man­sion, a won­der­ful build­ing in the Bronx, was designed specif­i­cally as a retire­ment home for wealthy peo­ple who had lost their for­tunes. “For many years this landmark has existed in a kind of open-but-closed limbo. Its ground floor is almost always full of children, in day care and in a Head Start program. Two elegant ballrooms and a book-filled library above have been maintained for weddings and other events, and for several years the Bronx Museum of the Arts, has offered outdoor film screenings and other cultural programs.”

The clip above is part of a series of 1-minute video vignettes we shot in the Bronx sponsored by a grant from the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) and produced by students and faculty at Lehman College.
BTS Best of the Bronx_005


The unknown, yet famous, City Island.

Numerous films, television shows, and commercials have been filmed on City Island. Films include Butterfield 8 starring Elizabeth Taylor; Long Day’s Journey (more…)


Best of the Bronx.

“Best of the Bronx” is a series of 1-minute video vignettes to help promote New York City’s northernmost borough. The Bronx is well known for landmarks like the Yankee Stadium, the New York Botanical Garden or the Zoo, but the project’s goal was to highlight lesser-known gems.

The first video on the series profiled City Island, a place known for its rich maritime history, museums, and seafood restaurants. The remainder of the series includes the Andrew Friedman House, Bronx Community College’s Hall of Fame, Wave Hill, Little Italy (video below), and the Grand Concourse, among other exciting locations. (more…)