Dexter and Transmedia – Part II


This is the second (and last) part of our Transmedia and Dexter informal “survey.” The first part is here and the original article about “Transmedia and the future of storytelling” can be found here. All the answers are unedited.

Question: Besides watching the series and eventually having a Dexter feature film, how else would you like to interact with the series/characters/plot?

• Dexter feel’s his killings are serving the justice that the police/law falls short of, therefore leaving a positive impact on society. Besides justice, there is also an economic impact. I wonder how much he is saving the tax payer money. Would be interesting to see the accounting balance sheet. One column that shows the convicted murderer going to prison and specific amount of $$ that it would cost to keep prove their guilt and keep them in prison, versus the second column that shows the cost in labor and materials (plastic wrap, trash bags, knife sharpening, boat fuel) it takes Dexter to kill and dump that same murderer off the coast of Miami. With that comparison it would be easy to see the “bargain” that Dexter is giving the public. (PC)

• I would love to see odd conversations between this two like Lynch used to do in Twin Peaks. (GD)

• I don’t really want to manipulate it myself. It could be cool to see outtakes/bloopers or hear the actors talking about their characters and how they react to the plot. I don’t want to interact with the characters or plot because that’s up to the writers to make that call. At least that’s what I feel. (EO)

• It would be interesting to know how they did some scenes and what technology they used in the creation of the shots and sets. Other than that, I love the suspense and the plot swings,  that’s the entertainment value of TV. (RN)

• I would like to have intel into various objects that are part of the series, eg. be able to read one of the characters notes from a crime scene od access files that are stored on Dexter’s computer. It may be irrelevant to the plot but may enable to experience characters more deeply. (DN)

• Since I live in the city he patrols, I would like to be part of an episode, maybe as a computer geek or concealed serial killer that has access to Dexter’s workplace. I want to hang out with Sergeant Batista, going out to Cuban places and mess around with Masuka. I would love to be part of the set as I watch with great trepidation as Dexter takes out the “trash.” (AL)

What about you? How would you interact with Dexter? Add your thoughts below.