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Expanding our International Workshops.

We are hoping to expand our Photography and Filmmaking workshops to Hawaii, Thailand, Nigeria, Kuwait and South America. But first, we would love to hear your feedback.
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Visual Serendipity – Middle Eastern Desert.

One of my unfulfilled travel dreams is (still) to visit an Oasis. While I did not get to see one, I did visit the desert right at the border between the United Arab Emirates and Oman, to witness a magnificent sunset.

To make the experience even better, I had the privilege to go on this expedition with David Burnett, a photographer I have deeply respected and admired for over 20 years. I was happily surprised to see him shooting with a Holga, a Ricoh GXR, a Leica M9, a Mamiya C330, a Mamiya 6×6, and even a Panasonic LX7 during the few days we spent together.


I like this picture, but it doesn’t really capture what I felt; the vast space of nothingness, the exciting isolation from “civilization,” the sunlight disappearing rapidly, and the warm breeze drastically changing its temperature within minutes…

Luckily, I did shoot several video clips that afternoon and plan to do something with them soon. Stay tuned.


Visual Serendipity – Bull Fighting in Oman.

After driving for 3 hours from Dubai to Sohar with my good friend Issa AlKindy and about 10 minutes before reaching our final destination, we spotted a traditional Omani Bull Fighting on the side of the road. With only 10 minutes of sunlight left, we reached for the first camera available and started shooting. I was crazy enough to shoot both stills with my Canon 7D and a 70-200mm 2.8 lens, and video with a Panasonic GH3 and a 12-35mm 2.8 lens. Issa is from Oman ad this was the first time he saw bullfighting. A very rare visual treat.


I believe we are the ONLY photographers happy and willing to get into a cloud of sand and dust with digital cameras. =)