Visual Serendipity – Middle Eastern Desert.

One of my unfulfilled travel dreams is (still) to visit an Oasis. While I did not get to see one, I did visit the desert right at the border between the United Arab Emirates and Oman, to witness a magnificent sunset.

To make the experience even better, I had the privilege to go on this expedition with David Burnett, a photographer I have deeply respected and admired for over 20 years. I was happily surprised to see him shooting with a Holga, a Ricoh GXR, a Leica M9, a Mamiya C330, a Mamiya 6×6, and even a Panasonic LX7 during the few days we spent together.


I like this picture, but it doesn’t really capture what I felt; the vast space of nothingness, the exciting isolation from “civilization,” the sunlight disappearing rapidly, and the warm breeze drastically changing its temperature within minutes…

Luckily, I did shoot several video clips that afternoon and plan to do something with them soon. Stay tuned.