2013 Roundup and our favorite Top 10 Lists.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s lists! Here’s a short and sweet compilation of our favorite “Top 10” lists from 2013. (more…)


Gold, silver and the end of film.

Our previous “Inkonomics” article triggered a LOT of interesting emails from readers.

Thank you for sharing your opinions. We just wish more people would comment below each post (instead of email) so not only we could benefit from different views. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution?

A really intriguing comment was “the economic recession triggered the end of film.”

The conclusion of a lengthy and fascinating discussion: When looking for safer investments than stocks and bonds, many people purchased gold, driving the ounce from $800 in 2008 to $1,700 in 2012.

What has this to do with film?

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The Future of Shopping is now.

The Supermarket of the future present.

The challenge: How to bring a supermarket to the shoppers? Yes, you read that correctly. Bring the STORE to the BUYER.
The answer: Simple! Create virtual stores in public spaces, assign QR codes to every product, use smart phones to shop, and immediately ship the articles to the customers.

That’s great if we happen to be at a subway station with those fancy techno displays. But what if we are simply walking around, and we see the bike of our dreams or the gadget that will change our life forever? No problem, IBM is taking care of that for us.

“Control when, where and how you shop.” You gotta love that.