On editing photos and telling stories.

Wow! Our video interview with PhotoShelter hit a nerve! We have received over a 100 emails and tweets with additional questions. That is awesome!

For the people requesting the GH3 article, here’s the link, for the ones asking about Custom White Balance for Video, here’s the link, for the ones asking for additional Lightroom 4 Tips and Tricks, here’s the link, and here are a TON of additional articles on photography and filmmaking. Enjoy! (more…)


Interview with ADF at Photokina.

Here’s another interview from last week at Photokina, this time for the Arbeitskreis Digitale Fotografie or ADF, which means the “Working Group on Digital Photography” and is the equivalent to the APA or ASMP in the U.S.

This link has an interesting collection of photography links in Germany, including museums, education, journals, and other relevant online services.


X-Rite’s Coloratti Photographers.

What a great honor to be part of the amazing Coloratti team, which includes the world’s top professional photographers, whose vision, passion, leadership, and partnership are recognized and valued by X-Rite. I am clearly in excellent company.

World's top professional photographers and color experts.


i1Profiler update: supports video standards!

X-Rite released an update of i1Profiler, its color management software. Some of the new features are nice (new paper sizes, White point editing, and i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer added support for monitor, projector, and printer profiling). Some are kinda weird (like added Russian language support…)

x_rite kit image

There are 3 new flavors: i1 Basic Pro 2, i1 Photo Pro 2, and i1 Publish Pro 2. Check the links and the video below to go over all the new features and specs.

The new feature that really got my attention (and should get yours!) is the new Broadcast video standards support: NTSC, PAL SECAM, and Rec. 709 (or ITU-R Rec.BT.709 for the ultra geeks). More about this on an upcoming post.

If you already have i1Profiler software simply open up the software for a free update to v 1.3.1.The process could not be simpler; it is literally one, two and three.

Step 1: Check your current version. For example, my client had v 1.2.0 which is several months old.

Step 2: Download and install the update.

Step 3: Click install and relaunch, and verify that you are running the newest software.

X-rite software update

Done and done.

Keep in mind that Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion no longer supports software that relies on Rosetta, which affects X-Rite’s legacy apps like i1Match, ProfileMaker and MonacoPROFILER. But don’t worry, the current i1Profiler and ColorMunki software does NOT rely on Rosetta and is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6 and 10.7.

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